Reliable Servers
for private and business web hosting
Reliable Servers
for private and business web hosting
• Virtual Servers
• Email & Web Hosting
• Reseller interface
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Objective:  have the fastest website for a better search engine ranking

Strategy: ServerNest EQUALITY 8x-speed, complete hosting offering hosted on fail-over cluster connected to a  redundant FiberChannel RAID 10 storage. The servers are optimize with compression technologies to accelerate the website download.  more
ServerNest, the prodiver's provider!
Be a cloud provider and enjoy a recurring revenue! We manage your cloud infrastructure, no technical worries, you focus on business and marketing.

Discover a unique platform with a multi-lingual white label control panel featuring automatic billing and provisioning system for cloud providers, major payment systems supported.

We do offer a platform to manage your domain portfolio, SSL certificates, Linux and windows web site, Linux and Windows virtual servers, dedicated hardware servers and remote backup. Everything under one roof!

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Objective:  backup your data in a safe remote location.

Strategy:  ServerNest SERENITY 8x-speed, a fast remote backup solution,  choose a protection plan that best suits your requirements, download the client software : your data will be backed up automatically.

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secure site.
Discover Fujitsu Storage and servers solutions

Objective: register and renew your domain name

Strategy: ServerNest IDENDITY, our wide domain name offering, most popular top-level extensions offered. 
Objective: best in class virtual server.

Strategy: ServerNest SIMPLICITY 8x-speed,  our Linux container offering (OS Virtualization), hosted on fail-over cluster connected to a redundant FiberChannel RAID 10 storage.